There once was a young girl...

...who grew up in a small local bookshop where she would play all day amid the pages and words that surrounded her. Until one day when that little girl decided to snack on the pages of one of her book friends (devouring books even at such a young age) and her life in the land of books came to an end. But not for long. 

That little girl grew into a woman with an avowed love of books and literature and reading and when she discovered that there was a profession that would allow her to work with books (and their magical creators) all day long, she jumped at the chance. 

Now I'm a book editor with over 15 years of experience in commercial and trade publishing in both fiction and non-fiction (most recently at Penguin Random House). I have worked on everything from cozy mysteries, thrillers, historical fiction, and women's fiction, to true crime, pop culture, and academic textbooks.

Regardless of the genre, what is most important is my relationship with the author. I pride myself on strong working relationships with all of my authors and on not changing the author's voice. It's your book, I'm just here to make it better. And that's a collaborative process. And a fun one, at that. I will help you fine tune your work until it's exactly how you want it, through an engaging (and hopefully fun) editorial process. Because I'm still that little girl playing in the bookshop.