The editorial input from Faith Black Ross is always spot on, adding depth to my story and characters. I recommend Faith to any writer who is serious about presenting a polished, professional manuscript that is a true page-turner.
— Duffy Brown, national bestselling mystery author
Faith Black Ross is unusually comprehensive in terms of both functional and conceptual editing. While she is careful about punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure improvements, she is also wise about mood, character, and plot consistency, making comments on such things as whether a character in a certain circumstance would or would not be likely to do or say such a thing. I found her enormously helpful and worth every penny.
— Cynthia Osborne Hoskin, author of "Tides of Fall"
Faith was professional, prompt and gave me great notes on my books. She did a copyedit of my work and also gave me some overall comments, which definitely strengthened the story. She was helpful with character development and letting me know how certain characters came across. A pleasure to work with!
— Carrie Doyle, author of "Death on West End Road"
This collaboration was my first experience with a professional editor. I am incredibly satisfied with the time and effort Faith Black Ross put into our project and so pleased with the end result. I would recommend FBR as an editor.
— Bethany Granholm, author of "Unbroken"
Faith did a great job helping me tighten up my manuscript and get it ready for publication. I would absolutely work with her again!
— Michael Melilli, author of "3point8"
Professional, great attention to detail, excellent feedback and delivered on time.
— Marc Alfred, entrepreneur
Working with Faith has been a true pleasure. She goes to great lengths to make sure your novel is the best that it can be. Her editorial letter gives great insight on issues such as plot, timing, etc. and her line editing/proofreading helped my novel tremendously with grammar and consistency. Well worth the money and would recommend her to anyone!
— Lauren J. Brown, author of "Behind the Pines"
I selected Faith because of her years of experience in historical mysteries... I was excited to have someone with a great background in editing my genre. She was an excellent communicator, her quote provided plenty of detail and a sample of her work.

The process was very collaborative. Faith focuses on finding plot issues and unanswered threads/questions/etc. She dug into the backstory, the timeline and the details of the mystery... She was super nice about doing a last minute re-read based on fixes I made.

Would definitely recommend her and work with her again!
— Faith Allington, author of "A Cup for the Dead"